Benefit from digitising your trading process

Reach new and more counterparties, for better price discovery

Create RFQs in seconds while saving time and effort

Build and increase your personal trader network

Digitally trade products which are not possible in bid/offer (CLOB) screens

Become part of the largest community of traders and reach unlimited counterparties in seconds

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“enmacc, the new energy trading platform that attracts thousands of traders in Europe.”

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“Having a tool like engreen not only allows us to access the best traders or prices, but also allows us to advance on our path of digitizing energy management; so we can make more complete and differential products in a very competitive sector such as Energy. Without a doubt, another breakthrough in our evolution.”

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Thursday, 25th March 2021 @2pm (CET)

Energy Trading beyond PPAs in the Spanish market. What's next?

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What is enmacc? How did this idea come about? expand icon collapse icon

Enmacc is a technology company that provides a digital platform for professional OTC energy trading across Europe. The founders themselves were traders and saw the need for an efficient, digital and secure way of trading less liquid markets and products, which have been so far traded via phone, messenger, voice broker or email, to provide all market participants more and better trading opportunities. Also we do believe in strong networks. With already more than 340 member companies we create together with the members the largest European energy network and enable the traders to get directly in contact with new counterparties, without any intermediary.

What is the objective of the company? expand icon collapse icon

We want to enable the traders to have a better trading experience in products with lower liquidity than, for example, TTF or German Power. To make it crisp, if you can click & trade on Trayport, go for it.

Which operations have already been closed in the Spanish market? expand icon collapse icon

We have already registered power, gas and GoOs trades.

Do you think it is necessary for small renewable producers to go to these types of markets? expand icon collapse icon

The GoO market is dominated by voice brokers, who benefit from the lack of transparency and the hefty margins. Especially for small renewable producers our trading screen for guarantees of origin “engreen” provides a growth opportunity. To be specific: no framework contracts are needed, they can execute individual deals which remain subject to credit. In addition, they have immediate access to 200+ European demand side players.

Your platform has several advantages, what are they? expand icon collapse icon

There are many, let’s focus on the three highly relevant benefits for Spain:

  1. In illiquid markets, digital RFQs can deliver liquidity when Order Books (CLOBs) of brokers and exchanges fail.
  2. Traders have always full control over who sees their trading interest or prices and make to contacts to other traders and members.
  3. As we are web based, our digital solutions allow customers to easily keep track of their RFQs, bids and offers for compliance and back analysis.

Do you see a problem for the Iberian market being an energy island? expand icon collapse icon

  1. As interconnection capacity with France has been increasing in the last decade, the island issue is fading away and convergence with other EU markets is progressing. Notwithstanding this physical issue, trading is not necessarily precluded because a market is peninsular (or insular, think on the UK). In this respect, our RFQ tool provides a much more efficient way to quote spreads than other platforms and exchanges.
  2. Looking at the gas market Spain is in a unique position compared to other European countries when looking at LNG import capacities hence access to global LNG markets. It is less dependent on pipeline gas like other European countries.