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“enmacc fits into my day to day work seamlessly. With EIKON integrated into the enmacc platform, I receive quick updates in real-time. It’s also a great way to reach more counterparties.”

Gas trader at CEZ

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“With EIKON integrated into the enmacc platform, it allows me to essentially connect with all traders in Europe, whether they are on the enmacc platform or not. Counterparties that are not even on the enmacc platform can quote on my RFQs and we can close a deal on the best price.”

Senior Gas Trader

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Next steps

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How can my Counterparty send me a price if they are not an enmacc user? expand icon collapse icon

The Counterparty will receive a trading invitation with RFQ. Once they click on the invitation link they will be guided to a screen that reflects the entender RFQ card. Non enmacc users have the option to enter a price and select the quote type on that screen as you will have it on our trading screen as well.

Will my Counterparty stay informed if I decide to change something about the RFQ? expand icon collapse icon

Yes, we make sure that the Counterparty you address via REFINITIV EIKON messenger will stay informed about all relevant actions you take on your RFQ such as withdrawing it, sending a price proposal, trade or send feedback if you traded with someone else.

Is my Counterparty able to update and withdraw prices as well? expand icon collapse icon

Yes, as market conditions can change rapidly we allow your Counterparty to react on that. If you received a non binding quote that can be updated and withdrawn by your Counterparty at anytime. Binding quotes can not be changed.

Is my Counterparty still receiving the request in case they are offline in REFINITIV EIKON messenger? expand icon collapse icon

Yes, we deliver the RFQ in any case. As a safety net the RFQ is also sent via e-mail to your Counterparty so that you can be sure that the request will always be received.

Am I able to see if my Counterparty has received the request? expand icon collapse icon

With our live updates in the entender card you will stay informed at any time about the status of your RFQ. If your Counterparty sees the card we will indicate that and you will be able to react in case no quotes are coming back.


How much does it cost to trade via REFINITIV EIKON messenger and enmacc? expand icon collapse icon

You will be charged with no fee, neither trading fee, nor access fee.

How does trading on enmacc via REFINITIV EIKON messenger work? expand icon collapse icon

If your quote gets traded, it results in a legally binding bilateral trade, same as if you trade via phone, messenger, e-mail. Every quote and trade will be shown in your enmacc browser tab and be documented via REFINITIV EIKON messenger and e-mail.

If I send a quote or trade, how is all of this documented? expand icon collapse icon

Everything you quote and trade will be visible in the enmacc RFQ on your browser, fully documented and sent to you via e-mail and messenger.

How can I change or delete my quote? expand icon collapse icon

You can change or delete your quote anytime in the browser window.

Where will my quote be shown? expand icon collapse icon

Your quote will be only visible to the initiator of the RFQ, it’s purely bilateral communication → quotes and trades will not be shown on broker screens or exchanges.

Is there any regulatory impact? expand icon collapse icon

There is no regulatory impact on you when sending a quote via the enmacc link on REFINITIV EIKON messenger. It’s an additional communication channel like e-mail, messenger or phone.